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With Sammy Watkins officially gone, Let's reflect on the good times we had with "Playoff Sammy"


For the past three seasons, Sammy Watkins has had an up and down tenure with Kansas City, and as of Friday, his time here has officially ended. After Watkins reportedly visited both the Baltimore Ravens and the Indianapolis Colts, he would eventually sign with Baltimore and join another top-tier QB in Lamar Jackson after signing a 1-year contract worth 6mil. (5mil guaranteed.)

When speaking to Kansas City fans (and scrolling through countless comment threads) I’ve gotten a mixed bag of emotions. Some fans are glad to see him go, and I get it. Over his NFL career, Watkins has had 19 injuries and moving forward, he has a 96% chance of being reinjured in the 2021 season. No doubt Watkins is injury prone, so financially speaking its probably good to just let him walk.

I was a Sammy Watkins fan though, and when he did make it onto the field he was a huge physical presence that paired up perfectly with our speedy WR Tyreek Hill. A role that I still see as unfilled as we move closer to the NFL draft in April. It’s a role that no one on the team has proven they can fill. It’s great that the Chiefs have resigned Damarcus Robinson but during the multiple times Sammy Watkins was injured, Robinson has never really stepped up in a consistent manner, but I digress. I want to really take this moment to reflect on the incredible moments “King Sammy” gave us as fans.

(in my best Water boy voice) Y’all remember the time that the Kansas City Chiefs fell down 24-0 in the first round of the 2019 playoffs and Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, and Sammy Watkins lit up the scoreboard and brought us back to victory?

That day Watkins led all Kansas City receivers with 76 yards and 90 all-purpose yards. It looked a little something like this. . .


Y’all remember that time Patrick Mahomes thrrew a 60-yard bomb to Sammy Watkins to seal the deal and send the Kansas City Chiefs to Super Bowl 54 against the San Francisco 49ers?

On THAT day Sammy Watkins posted 114 receiving yard topped off by this. . .

(Listen Closely and you can hear the whole stadium yell “SAMMY!!!” right as Mahomes is throwing the ball)


Speaking of Super Bowl 54, Y’all remember that time Sammy Watkins posted 5 catches for 98 yards and absolutely shook one of the best DB’s in the game ?(Richard Sherman). If not, don’t worry, I got you! It looked something like this. . .

No matter what your opinion is of Sammy Watkins might be there is one thing that none of us can deny, “King Watkins” brought a plethora of good times to Kansas City. He had the ability to unite an entire fanbase and was a major reason for the Chiefs' success during that 2019-2020 Super Bowl Championship. Though Watkins' time in Kansas City is finished, I wish him well in his future endeavors and hopefully, he can stay healthy. As for Kansas City’s future, it very well may be time to invest some high-end draft capital into the WR Position to find that legitimate WR2.



*** I really hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane. For more content from me, Jaymes Howell, stay tuned right here on Also make sure to follow me on Facebook, as well as Twitter. The links can be found down below. And as always. . . Stay legendary my friends.



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