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Where Each Mizzou NFL Prospect Will Get Drafted

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

I asked on twitter where each top Mizzou NFL prospect will land in the draft so now I will share the results and where I personally see them ending up including some good destinations for each.

Drew Lock

What The Fans Said: Top 10

My Prediction: Top 10

Top Potential landing spots: Denver, Washington, Miami

This decision was unanimous and it is obvious why. Drew Lock has been a top quarterback in his class for years and he's considered to be a surefire first rounder with one of the strongest arms in the draft. He's got some polishing to do and needs to have better decision making but I think he's the most pro-ready QB in this draft and I wouldn't be surprised to see a team trade up for him.


Emanuel Hall

What The Fans Said: 2nd round

My Prediction: late 2nd/early 3rd

Top Potential Landing Spots: Indianapolis, Chicago, New Orleans, Green Bay, New England, Tennessee

Emanuel Hall is fast and that alone will get him somewhere. We saw Hall's stock increase dramatically after the combine and he seems to have shown enough to be a day two pick. Hall's main criticism is that he doesn't have a very polished route tree but that's nothing a little coaching can't fix. Hall is a serious vertical threat who can blow by his defenders even at his size. This year's wide receiver class is pretty deep so Hall could fall to day three possibly but I think he'll have no problem outperforming his rank in the NFL.


Paul Adams

What The Fans Said: 5th Round

My Prediction: 5th Round

Top Potential Landing Spots: Tennessee, Indianapolis, Arizona, Buffalo

Paul Adams is another Missouri prospect that saw his stock rise after the combine. Adams actually posted a higher prospect grade than Terry Beckner after the combine which I don't necessarily agree with but I do believe Adams can have a long NFL career as a rotational tackle/guard. Adams is athletic but needs to get stronger and work on his penalty problem as he transitions to the NFL. Adams should be selected early day three.


Terry Beckner Jr.

What The Fans Said: 4th Round

My Opinion: Late 5th/Early 6th

Top Potential Landing Spots: New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Detroit, New England

Terry Beckner is honestly somewhat of a sad "What If?" story. He's a great player who came out of East Saint Louis High School as a five-star recruit who poured his heart and soul out to Missouri. During his college career he tore his ACL in both knees and lost a lot of his speed and athleticism from it. Beckner is still a tremendous player but I think he'll fall a little bit into the later rounds as he doesn't have a ton of upside anymore but teams know what they're getting in him. Beckner will probably have a similar career to Paul Adams in terms of longevity as a rotational pass-rusher.


Terez Hall

What The Fans Said: 6th Round

My Opinion: 6th Round

Top Potential Landing Spots: New England, New York, Kansas City, Tampa Bay

Terez Hall is an emotional leader and a player that every team needs. Hall showed off his strength at the combine before tearing his pec and sitting out the rest of the workouts, but he followed up with a strong pro-day at Missouri. Hall can be a good linebacker in the NFL and a potential steal in the later rounds. Any team on day three that needs linebacker help could pick him up. He's athletic, fast, and tough and his motor and willingness to always finish the play overshadows his size concerns.


Kendall Blanton

What The Fans Said: 5th Round

My Opinion: 7th Round

Top Potential Landing Spots: Detroit, Kansas City, New England, Jaxonville

Kendall Blanton is a do-it-all tight end who could contribute to a team immediately with his blocking. He was a bit slow running a 4.77 forty but he cleaned it up at pro day. Blanton is athletic and strong but he's really just seen as reliable, but limited tight end. He'll get selected late on day three most likely and he'll compete for the second or third spot on somebody's depth chart.


Damerea Crockett

What The Fans Said: 6th/7th Round

My Opinion: UDFA

Top Potential Landing Spots: Green Bay, Philadelphia, Carolina

Damarea Crockett caught everyone by surprise when he declared for the draft earlier this draft season, Corckett didn't get invited to the combine but he ran a 4.4 forty at pro-day and at Crockett's weight of 235 that is very impressive and puts him into consideration of being drafted late but I think he'll ultimately end up undrafted. Mel Kiper Jr. said recently on a conference call that he expects Crockett to make a roster and I expect him to get a good shot as a backup running back for a mid-tier team. A Marcus Murphy type of career seems formidable for Crockett.

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