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WATCH: Eli Drinkwitz trolls Kansas basketball with hilarious sign


The return of the Border War basketball rivalry in Columbia wasn't very successful for Missouri as they got dominated by Kansas in a loss, but the atmosphere was still fun for fans and students attending the game.

In fact, head football coach Eli Drinkwitz made his way to the game and into the student section to have fun with the fans, and with that, took an opportunity to troll Kansas. Drinkwitz took a sign a student had made for the game and held it up. The sign read "Five Level 1 Violations" and "Get Loud If You Hate Kansas".

The sign references the fact that Kansas Basketball was hit with five level 1 violations for "lack of institutional control" and allegations that the team was funneling money to recruits through Adidas to sway them to play for the school. The troll also comes after rumors that Missouri reportedly "refused to play Kansas" in the Liberty Bowl. A rumor that the school has shot down. Nonetheless a hilarious jab and good collective effort by Drinkwitz and the Mizzou student body.

Though, Kansas is yet to receive any real punishment from the violations everyone knows what went on over there and it isn't surprising that nothing has happened because Kansas is an elite basketball program. If you're familiar with the landscape of college sports that's just how it goes.

All you can do is laugh and make fun of them for it and Drinwkitz did it perfectly. As for Drinkwitz and the football team, they're gearing up to play Wake Forest in the Gasparilla Bowl on December 23rd and Drinkwitz and company will be hitting the road recruiting up until then as well.


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