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The Eagles are reportedly interested in Mike Kafka for head coach


The Philadelphia Eagles fired head coach Dough Pederson Monday afternoon after 4-11-1 season with the team. Pederson won the Super Bowl with the Eagles back in 2017 with a backup quarterback in Nick Foles. Pederson also coached the team to a winning record 3 of the last 4 years with the team.

It's worth noting that this move came after a week 17 game where Doug Pederson pulled several starters and apparently threw the game in order to keep their draft position. Pederson was offensive coordinator for the Chiefs from 2013-2015 before being hired by the Philadelphia Eagles after they fired Chip Kelly. It's honestly difficult for the Eagles to justify firing a Super Bowl head coach in Pederson but it did appear Pederson lost the locker room this season. Some of the blame has to go to the front office who put the coach in a bad situation with poor roster management like drafting a quarterback in the second round when they already had Carson Wentz signed to a massive deal that hasn't even kicked in yet.

A report followed shortly after that Chiefs quarterback coach, Mike Kafka, is among the top of the list of candidates the Eagles are interested in.

This would be an interesting move to say the least as Kafka has worked with the league's best quarterback for the past few years now, but at the same time it would be odd that the Eagles would go back to the Andy Reid coaching tree after just firing a coach from the same tree. While Kafka would provide some experience working with a quarterback as talented as Patrick Mahomes, he offers little experience as an offensive coordinator let alone a head coach. It's also worth noting that the Chiefs blocked the Eagles from hiring Mike Kafka as their offensive coordinator last year.

However, Kafka's name has been thrown around in coaching searches for several NFL teams already and NFL Network's Ian Rapoport has reported that Kafka would get some looks before entering this offseason.

Assuming Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bienemy is hired by another team this offseason, losing Mike Kafka who was probably next in line to become the OC would leave a rather massive hole in the Chiefs' offensive staff. Andy Reid and company would probably have to go outside the organization to pick someone up for said positions.

Also, it'll be interesting to see where Doug Pederson lands. It's thought that Pederson will have his pickings of head coaching opportunities with other teams, but maybe there's a chance he ends back up in Kansas City as offensive coordinator again. Something to keep an eye on going forward. All of that being said, this will be a big offseason of change for the Chiefs coaching staff and fans should be prepared for it.


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