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One On One With CJ Boone

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

This Weekend I wrapped up an interview with Missouri Wide Receiver Commit CJ Boone. Boone, a senior at Parkway North High, finished the season with nearly 700 yards and 8 touchdowns. He will be an early enrollee and start school at Missouri in December. We discussed why Mizzou was his choice, his relationship with coach Odom and other players, and more.

Q: At which point did you know Missouri was the school for you and why?


CJ: "When they first offered me I knew it was a good school but when I actually took my first visit there I knew it was for me. It wasn't too far from home but it also didn't feel like home."

*And to clarify, CJ meant that it didn't feel like home in a way that it's a good away-from-home experience thats also close to home.


Q: You've mentioned before that you want to make this recruiting class the class to change a lot and the class to really change the culture of Mizzou football. How do you plan on doing that? Have you talked to some of the other guys about it?


CJ: "I think the class of 2019 in St.Louis is doing everything the class of 2018 was going to do [In terms of actually coming to the university of Missouri] and yeah, we're in a big group chat with all of our commits and soon-to-be commits."


Q: On the topic of recruiting, how much do you think social media has changed and helped with recruiting? When fans of certain colleges pop up in your mentions does that help make the school a more attractive destination or do recruits not pay much attention to that in your opinion?


CJ: "Yeah I think social media helps with recruiting a lot because it's easy to find and get at players through Twitter [for players and coaches] but I don't think recruits pay that much attention to certain fans of a school..until they commit, and then they start to build a relationship with the fans."


Q: You and fellow senior at Parkway North, Jalani Williams have been playing together for some time now. How excited are you for him and what does it mean to you that you that you get to go to college and play football with one of your best friends at a school like MU?


CJ: "Me and Jalani are like brothers so it's super cool that we'll be getting to play together for another 3-4 years now."


Q: How much have you talked to coach Odom? What's you're favorite thing about him so far?


CJ: "I talk to him a lot, and my favorite thing about him is that he's real cool, and he's a real person..He wont fabricate stuff for you."


Q: Missouri has a history of playing true freshman and having them contribute early and getting opportunities to play, is that something you saw and something you're excited about?


CJ: "Oh yeah, for sure. Yeah, I'm excited about getting in there and doing my thing."


Q: So Kelly Bryant committed recently to play at Mizzou next year. How heavily involved were you with that? What was said and how much are you looking forward to him coming?


CJ: "I talked to him for a few weeks before he announced and he told me [He was coming] and I mean, with us two, we never really talked much football he's just cool..and he feels like he can make an impact and I know he can, I'm looking forward to it."


Q: Of course I don't want you to give anything away with this next question and of course you won't but it's evident that you're an active recruiter yourself talking to different guys about coming with you to Mizzou. What's some information you have to share that will get Mizzou fans excited?


CJ: "There's a big surprise coming.."


It remains to be seen who exactly the big surprise is that CJ was referring to (Jeff Thomas? Chester Graves?) but regardless, CJ has quickly become a fan favorite at Mizzou and fans are looking forward to seeing what he can do at Missouri. I had a lot of fun doing this interview with CJ and he's a very smart young man and tremendous football player.


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