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Kareem Hunt says upcoming game vs Chiefs is "personal" in Instagram Live video


After a 48-37 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Wild Card round on Sunday, former Chiefs and current Browns' star running back Kareem Hunt caught himself on video warning his former team about what's to come.

Kareem Hunt took to Instagram Live after the win to broadcast his celebration with his teammates in the locker room when Hunt went on to say, "Next week's personal" in reference to their matchup with the Kansas City Chiefs this Sunday in the Divisional Round.

The Kansas City Chiefs released Kareem Hunt in October 2018 when a TMZ video surfaced of Hunt kicking a woman in a hotel hallway after an altercation with said woman. Hunt was a pro-bowl running back and 1,000-yard rusher with the Kansas City Chiefs. It was also reported that the Chiefs were aware of the incident but that Hunt fabricated the story so that when the video came out, it was an easy decision for the Chiefs to cut ties.

As for Hunt, it's understandable that he would want to play well versus his former team, but the notion that Kareem Hunt was "done wrong" by the Chiefs, making the game personal for Hunt is a tad bit odd. The organization was transparent with Hunt and told him that they would help him find a new spot, but that he would no longer be with Kansas City. A reasonable stance.

At the same time, even though it was probably the right move to move on from Hunt, the team did give up on him in the end. At this point, the public perception of Hunt isn't all that bad as the Chiefs maybe thought it would be when they first released him. Now, that player will potentially hurt them instead of help them.

However, this stance from Hunt is a huge change from when he sobbed to a Cleveland police officer last January about being cut from the Chiefs in 2018 after being pulled over with drugs and alcohol. “I should be playing for a frickin’ Super Bowl.” Hunt said as the officer consoled him after his vehicle was stopped.

In the end, Hunt is where he is now because of his own actions. Not because of anything the Chiefs did. Again, it's understandable why Hunt may feel the way he does and he will be playing with a vengeance on Sunday, but the Chiefs have bigger fish to fry than worrying about what Kareem Hunt says.

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