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It's officially Corona time in the world of sports... here's what to expect

Well, folks, it's time to grab your limes because the Coronavirus is currently destroying the world of sports as we know it. I will specifically be going over the effects of the teams we cover on this site.

Tigers: Mizzou has shut down everything and appears to be trying to prevent the virus before it can be spread and has ceased all recruiting efforts. The main effect this will have on Mizzou is a lack of chemistry and preparation but coach Eliah Drinkwitz has already stressed how nothing major will happen until August which is hopefully enough time for the virus to die down.

Chiefs: We are still a ways away from seeing the reigning Super Bowl champions take the field but the virus has still affected the team. The Chiefs have ceased all unnecessary travel and the draft may be pushed back or just not be a live event. The bigger problem for the NFL as of right now is anything but productive talks on the new CBA meaning delays on some contract talks which is a topic for another day.

Battlehawks: Now this is by far the hardest section to write. The Battlehawks were a very good team and had a massive fanbase but because a man in China decided to eat a raw bat it's all over. The XFL has ended it's the season after five weeks and has encouraged their top tier players to sign with NFL squads. This brings up a lot of questions such as have we seen the last of Jordan Ta'amu and Kenny Robinson in St. Louis? But the more pressing question is will we see the XFL again at all. XFL 2020 is over. Just like that. They want to come back but so did the AAF and if they lose some of their top tier marketable talent where do they go? I'd assume that we have not seen the last of the Battlehawks due to Vince Mcmahon's money and emphasis on being able to financially support multiple seasons. Will that be enough to bring it back? You never know with these things.

Chiefs and Tigers fans, don't get worried yet, but Battlehawks fans should be concerned. Buy Battlehawks merch to show the XFL you care sp they will come back and for the love of God, Wash. Your. Hands! Stay safe out there folks.

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