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Is Veach Really Not Going To Make A Move? If So, He Gets An F.


We're only hours from the NFL trade deadline and many people that have intel within the Chiefs organization have reported that it is unlikely the Chiefs do anything by Tuesday at 6 p.m.

If this really is true, then this would be a huge mistake. Did the organization not learn their lesson last year? Veach had a deal in place for Earl Thomas before he got hurt and we'll give him that, but he didn't have a backup plan and chose to stick with a defense he knew would be the downfall of this team.

The defense is arguably worse than last year and people have said that the pass defense is better but personally, I believe the pass defense stats are inflated due to the fact teams are running the ball more than ever so there's that. That being said, what does this defense do well exactly? At least Sutton's defense got pressure on the quarterback. This year's pass rush attack has been underwhelming.

There's plenty of moves that can be made to help this team. Geno Atkins, Quinton Dunbar, Darius Slay, Aqib Talib, Preston Brown are all names that could help and the list goes on. People are saying that there aren't any moves out there that'll help and it is just flat out wrong. If you don't make a trade, you aren't trying, and if you aren't trying, it's a failure.

There will be no choice but to give Veach an F grade for his decisions. He spent all off-season revamping the defense and this defense is his creation. Everyone outside of Chris Jones was his hand-picked guy. Veach made the problem and now he has to fix it. Now, not all the blame can be put on Veach as he had made some good moves but his entire 2018 draft class was atrocious and his tendency to neglect the cornerback position has been nothing short of frustrating.

If the defense continues to play the way it has been this team won't win anything. A cover Linebacker? A run-stuffing DL? A lock-down CB? You need these things to win a championship and the Chiefs have none of them. So what's the deal? Just sit there and do nothing? That can't be the approach. This year was described as Super Bowl or bust by owner Clark Hunt and this defense won't deliver on that ask. Anything to help would at least satisfy the fan base. I'm not saying make a move just to make one but also I am. It has gotten so bad that Chiefs fans on Twitter are starting to settle with mediocrity at this point and are trying to convince themselves that the defense is competent. They aren't. Anyone can run them over. Anyone can beat them over the top. It is historically bad.

Yes, you need draft picks to build for the future but your Super Bowl window is now while Mahomes is still on his rookie deal because this is probably the most talented the team will be for the Mahomes era or at least for awhile. If you have a chance to win a Super Bowl now then you need to be all-in. To Hell with the future! Would you rather keep the picks and be perennial "Super Bowl contenders" but never actually win anything or essentially guarantee yourself a championship with a move or two?


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