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How The South End Zone Will Help Mizzou

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

The South end zone project is making major progress as we get close to the completion before the start of the 2019 season. The project will likely revamp the look of Farout Field and give fans something extra to look forward to when scheduling their trip to Colombia. At the time of this article the website updating the status of the Mizzou South end zone ( says the project will be complete in about 257 days. The project costs an estimated $98 million dollars. It is a project that will greatly benefit a school like Mizzou who's facilities are a tad underwhelming compared to the rest of the SEC.


The new facility is definitely a great attraction for fans and visitors. It will be an engineering marvel when it is completed and will surely contribute to a spike in attendance. The new South end zone will include thousands of square feet in seating and space with custom suites, club seats, and a bunker club that features many modern amenities for fans to enjoy. It will create a nice, fun, NFL game type of experience. Mizzou's Farout Field has always been a bit old-looking and this makeover of the South end zone will revitalize the entire look of the entire stadium and make it a more attractive venue.


Mizzou's performance on the field will all be improved by the project, believe it or not. The new facility will be a huge benefit to Barry Odom and his staff. The new building will contain a state of the art weight room that has what is called a "nutrition oasis" that offers an amazing selection of healthy food and drinks to get the players the nutrition they need before and after their workouts.

Of course it's not like Mizzou didn't have a weight room before but the new building is a much better one and will encourage players for a while to always be in and around the facility. Player will surely be able to improve their play by physically training and also recovering the right way by using the new hydrotherapy room filled with various lap and recovery pools and also a couple polar therapy stations. On top of that, the building also holds a new auditorium where the players and coaches can go to train their minds and relax while planning for games.


The expansion project will also help Mizzou with simply just bringing in more revenue. The team that put together the plan estimates that the South end zone itself will bring in about $6 million dollars annually. The stadium is already used for a lot of events including high school state championships and such. The new building will almost definitely make Mizzou an even better venue for many events outside of just raking in more money from football.


Lastly, what everyone wants to hear, the new South end zone will help tremendously with recruiting. As mentioned, Mizzou's facilities are on the older side and the new project is definitely something recruits can look forward to seeing and can be something Mizzou can sell recruits on. Of course athletes don't go to a school strictly because of the facilities, but the new locker room, training center, and other amenities available to the players will definitely be an appealing aspect. The new building is made to prepare players to go to the NFL and players will definitely notice that. The new South end zone will be a great selling point along with many other things.


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