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Commitment Interview: Jay Maclin

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

New Mizzou WR commit Jay Maclin is one of the best players in the St.Louis area in the class of 2020 and he is also the cousin of former Mizzou great Jeremy Maclin. Jay told us what he looks for in a school, his relationship with the staff, and if his family history had any influence on his decision. Read what he had to say below.

Q: Jay, what do you think makes yourself a great player and why? Also, what makes you a threat at the college level and potentially the professional side of things?

A: "I am very passionate about the game and I'll give my team my all every single snap. Also, I can make plays whenever my team needs them."


Q: Obviously Jay, many schools have offered you to come down and play for them and you narrowed your top three to Arizona State, Indiana, and Missouri. What do you look for in a school that lead to those three?

A: "What I look for is a school that provides a good education and just feels like home. I also want to be able to play early. Another thing is whatever school I feel like can make me a better player and a young man."


Q: What coaches at Missouri have you spoken with and built relationships with over time?

A: "I spoke with all of them, and I've built strong relationships with all of them."


Q: Your teammate Maurice Massey recently committed to Missouri. Has he maybe been in your ear, and has he been trying to persuade you to commit to Missouri?

A: "No, not really because he is a pretty laid back guy, but let’s just say he knows what’s up."


Q: Last question Jay, obviously your cousin Jeremy Maclin, is one of the greatest players to ever attend the University of Missouri. Has he ever talked to you about his days at Missouri and has he ever tried to maybe influence your decision?

A: "Honestly, not really. I guess he knows me so well that he already knew I was going to come here anyway."

Maclin is the first WR commit in the class of 2020 for the Tigers and Odom and his staff are hoping his commitment will snowball a chain of St.Louis area commits to go along with Brady Cook and Drake Heismeyer. Maclin is a composite three-star recruit and a big piece to a potentially big class for Mizzou in 2020.


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