Chad Henne did his job on Sunday, but why isn't Matt Moore the backup?


It's a weird time to be debating about backup quarterbacks, right? Yet, here we are. Anyways, Chad Henne shined when asked to step up (and he may have to again) against Cleveland after star quarterback Patrick Mahomes went down with a head injury. However, some fans are wondering why Matt Moore wasn't the choice at No.2 quarterback for that scenario and throughout the season.

There shouldn't be much complaining about who the backup quarterback is as you're already in a bad spot anyways if you have to use one, but we have seen the importance of the backup quarterback spot emphasized over the past few years. Most notably with Nick Foles who was the Philadelphia Eagles and led them to a Super Bowl 52 win after MVP candidate Carson Wentz went down. You just can't mail in the entire season after one player goes down. Last year the backup quarterback spot was significant to the Chiefs as Patrick Mahomes dislocated his knee in a regular season game against the Denver Broncos and NFL veteran Matt Moore was asked to step in and hold down the fort until Mahomes got back.

In just two and a half games last year for the Chiefs, Moore threw for 659 yards and 4 TD's as well as completing nearly 65% of his passes. Moore went 2-1 in those games and looked very good. Moore can legitimately say he earned his Super Bowl ring. Henne doesn't have a huge sample size, but in four gamesor so, Henne has recorded 277 yards and 2 TD's as well as his interception against Cleveland. Unless Moore planned on retiring, which he didn't, it was thought once he was signed back on for another year that he would be the consensus No.2 quarterback. Matt Moore seemed to earn that role.

After not having any preseason games there was no way to really tell what the pecking order was but it would've been silly to think it wasn't Moore initially. I mean, Henne hadn't had any real game experience with the Chiefs besides some garbage time run in 2018 and he didn't play the entire 2019 season after breaking his leg in preseason. For the record, Henne didn't look great in preseason either and looked pretty stiff in the pocket. Not that Matt Moore is some agile athlete but he displayed pretty good poise and awareness when playing last year. Despite that Henne was listed as second on the depth chart all year long. Matt Moore spent some time on just the practice squad as well which had a lot to do with Covid and the Chiefs probably wanting to keep a "quarantine QB" during the season just in case. Unfortunate for Moore because in a regular season he may have been on the 53-man roster.

Fast forward to week 17 of the 2020 regular season and Henne was the one taking the backup snaps in the meaningless game. We saw nothing of Moore in any games. Even Jordan Ta'amu who was on and off the team several times seemed like a higher-upside move, but he signed a reserve-futures contract which guarantees him a spot for next season which is good at the very least.

Chad Henne seems to have had a steadier career than Matt Moore who was actually retired and helping to coach youth football before the Chiefs gave him a call last year and it would make sense that Andy Reid plays the guy who most recently played in a real game which would be Chad Henne in week 17 but then again it's questionable why Moore didn't get any snaps.

When Patrick Mahomes went down against Cleveland and the Chiefs needed to escape with a win, Andy Reid called Chad Henne's number and he did enough to get the job done so there's not much to complain about. At the same time, maybe that game is never a nail-biter if Moore is in because I don't think Moore throws that horrid interception that Henne did which was one of the only reasons Cleveland had a chance. You still have to give credit to Henne, though. Between him and Moore, Moore doesn't have the speed to nearly pick up that first down on 3rd and long like Henne did.

It's really an interesting debate. Moore is the more proven commodity as of recently and he did lead the Dolphins to the playoffs when Ryan Tannehill was injured in Miami while Henne is someone the team has invested in longer and always saw as a good mentor to Mahomes. Regardless, it shouldn't be that big of a deal, but someone will be taking the snaps at practice this week just in preperation for the scenario that Mahomes can't play. What do you think, Chiefs fans?

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