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Battlehawks week 5 recap

The Battlehawks are a run-first team, and that's going to be their ultimate downfall here. The Battlehawks have the ability to pass the ball better than everyone in the league and they voluntarily shoot themselves in the foot every game by running the ball in situations where they shouldn't. The common argument for running the ball is it will open up the passing game but that doesn't happen when you don't throw the ball. This is the reason the Battlehawks lost to Houston in week two, Including DC today and haven't scored a touchdown in six quarters.

Kenny Robinson and L'damian Washington had great performances that were wasted by the Battlehawks' inability to stop Defenders' QB Tyree Jackson or convert third downs. The playcalling was very predictable and ineffective as well. The biggest problem of the day was the offensive line's inability to protect Ta'amu and get the runningbacks some space. So really this game was almost exactly the same as the Roughnecks loss in the Battlehawks needing to keep up with a very good quarterback performance, and taking the ball out of Ta'amu's hands before he can do that.

I can only imagine what the fan who wanted to "throat punch" Chuck Long last week is feeling after this loss.

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