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Battlehawks: Saint Louis makes upper level seats available amidst overwhelming excitement


Due to an overwhelming amount of support and demand for tickets following an exciting 2-0 start for the Saint Louis Battlehawks, the team announced Friday morning that they are officially opening the 300 level of the dome and launching ticket sales in upper levels.

There were rumblings earlier on and last night after the Battlehawks' win over the Seattle Sea Dragons that the team would look to open up more seats, but now it's reality. Battlehawks fans will finally have the opportunity to fill the dome beyond just the lower concourse.

It's a long time coming for fans who so badly wanted the opportunity to pack the dome during XFL 2020 for Saint Louis' home game versus the Los Angeles Wildcats, but that unfortunately never happened as the league was forced to shut down due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

It's even better for players, who want to feel like they're playing for someone, and now they'll get to do that in front of even more fans than people initially thought. They'll get to come home in week four for their first game in the dome to a roaring Saint Louis crowd that looks to be one of the best in the XFL.

For now, this is just another step in the quest for Battlehawks fans who want to fill the entire dome and eventually open up the entire upper deck of the stadium. You can still purchase tickets for the Battlehawks home opener in week four and season tickets on all levels from the Battlehawks official website.

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