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A new QB1 in COMO

Connor Bazelak shined in his first game at Mizzou where the team really counted on him to light a fire under the offense. His performance should give Mizzou fans reason to be excited for the future.


These past two weeks have been rough for Mizzou, two double-digit losses to Alabama and Tennessee isn't a great way to start the Eliah Drinkwitz era. But it was expected, what wasn't expected was that expected starter Shawn Robinson would be significantly outplayed by a redshirt freshman coming off of a torn ACL. But that was the case in the week two matchup vs Tennessee. Shawn Robinson was a measly 1/4 while Bazelak was 13/21 and an interception (the interception was a mistake that I doubt he will make again) but his performance was more impressive than the stat line would have you believe. In a game plagued with drops, Bazelak was a shining star, if I were to give him a pro comp I would have to say Nick Foles. Neither Foles nor Bazelak has the strongest arms but they can both sling it downfield if needed. But the biggest similarity between Connor and Nick is the way they approach the game they just go out and play, they don't worry about who they're playing or if they threw a bad pick they go with the flow and do what they can to win the game and that's why Foles became MVP of Super Bowl 52. The thing that should excite Mizzou fans the most is his youth, as a redshirt freshman Connor can develop with Drinkwitz for four years so there is no telling how high Connor's celling is. Get ready Mizzou fans because Bazelak has the potential to be up there with Daniel and Lock.

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