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5 New Year's Resolutions For Mizzou Sports

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Mizzou Sports had a roller coaster year in 2018 so today I came up with 5 New Year's resolutions for Missouri Athletics to make a smoother 2019..Hopefully.

1. Mizzou Men's Basketball-limiting turnovers.

Missouri Guard Javon Pickett scrambles for loose ball against several Temple defenders during regular season game. (L.G. Patterson) (Kansas City Star)

When you think about what could make MIzzou basketball better you think of limiting the turnovers. I'm not sure what the stats indicate but I'm pretty sure Missouri leads the SEC in turnovers and we haven't even entered conference play yet. This team would run away with a lot of games they kept close for no good reason if they limit giving up the rock. Let's hope in 2019 that Cuonzo Martin can get his guys to take care of the ball.

2. Women's Basketball-Play an entire season

Women's Basketball star Sophie Cunningham brings ball up in regular season game at home (Courtesy of

As Much as we love the Women's basketball team and the way Robin Pingeton has brought the program to new heights they always seem to disappoint in the tournament and fail to get a high seed because strange out-of-nowhere losses they always seem to pick up. At times it seemed the team lacked drive against lesser opponents so lets hope they can start and finish strong in 2019.

3. Mizzou Football- Also play the entire year

Talented Mizzou freshman Tyler Badie runs through a Tennessee defender in November game. (Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports)

This is one I'd say the most people care about. Mizzou football had a good year but it could have been a lot better. The season seemed lost after Mizzou lost to South Carolina and a heart-breaker against Kentucky and everyone thought that we'd be looking for a new coach. After a strong finish to the season and an undefeated November, Mizzou went to a bowl game and lost another heart-breaking loss. If this team could put together a consistent season, which we know they can do, they would be a to-20 team for sure. Instead they keep finding themselves having to regain the trust of fans constantly. If Mizzou can stop giving its fans heart attacks in 2019 it would be pretty cool.

4. Keep Kelly Bryant healthy at all costs.

Missouri fans aren't used to the type of recruiting hauls like the one Barry Odom pulled this year so everyone is waiting for the inevitable "bad news" that should be coming and Missouri and their star players getting injured have been a common theme lately so whatever Missouri has to do to keep Bryant from tearing his ACL as soon as he steps on campus, please do so. Wheelchair him to each class if you have to.

5. Keep athletes out of trouble

Not much explanation needed for this one. Mizzou had somewhat of a bad year when it came to keeping players out of trouble. Some minor cases like Jordan Barnett, Jeremiah Tilmon, and Mitchell Smith using alcohol were handled well but in others like the Tre Williams incident which we don't know much about yet Mizzou failed. Now, It's not like coaches can have an eye on their players 24/7 but it would be nice to limit the legal offenses counted against Mizzou athletes in 2019.

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