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4 Cities the XFL should consider for 2022


The XFL is still a long time away from now and news has been pretty slow lately regarding the league, but we can always still talk about what the XFL can or should do for the next run in 2022. Today, the topic is going to be cities. The last XFL run was going great before the pandemic, but even then there was still a big concern regarding the success of the league going forward. It was the cities in which they had teams. Cities like Los Angeles and New York got teams when no one cared because they already had the most teams in professional sports. We all know why they got teams, though. The media visibility. In the end, however, the attendance in several cities was abysmal. That being said, let's look at four cities the XFL should look at for 2022. Keep in mind these choices do not consider venue or other factors but rather just what the fan turnout could hold.

  1. San Antonio

San Antonio makes a ton of sense. They were really successful in the AAF and were one of the only teams to break even. San Antonio has been talked about as a potential NFL city for years now, but until then, the XFL could take advantage of the untapped sports city of San Antonio by placing an XFL team there. The league would benefit by putting a team in Texas again but this time around they should look at San Antonio which is an underrated market. I can't tell you how likely it is this happens but I expect the XFL to do their research on San Antonio.

2. San Diego

San Diego is a no-brainer. They're in California which could still earn you those T.V. deals and an actual fanbase at the same time. The Los Angeles Wildcats were a huge blunder in XFL 2020. The fact that San Diego lost their NFL team to Los Angeles means they're pissed off and they would embrace another football team. We saw this with St.Louis where their fans showed out for spite football because of what former St.Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke did to the city of St.Louis was the top-earning team in XFL 2020 and this isn't to say San Diego would be, but the potential is there.

3. Oakland

Another city that lost an NFL team. That is kind of the theme here. You want to find cities that are untapped markets cities that were recently stripped of an NFL team. The Oakland Raiders faithful would love for an XFL team to fill the void in their hearts. Sundays in Oakland just aren't the same anymore and their fans deserve better. Another reason Oakland would be great is because of that California market and an increased chance of landing those same T.V. deals, but this time you have the fanbase just like San Diego.


You might be shocked at this one, but Omaha would be a great city. We already know that Nebraska loves football with how much they support the University of Nebraska. That isn't the big reason why, though. Remember the UFL? They were one of the only Spring football leagues to ever last multiple seasons and one of the teams was the Omaha Nighthawks from 2009-2012. They averaged over 22,000 fans per game which would rank right around the top for XFL 2020 attendance. Nebraska lacks pro sports and they'd come out for games especially considering there were several former Cornhuskers in the XFL in the last run.

Honorable Mentions:


They reportedly clamored for a team last time around and would be a good city to put a team in if the XFL once again targets New York.

Oklahoma City

Another city that wanted a team as well. On top of that, they love Sooners football and professional sports in general. The fairly new NBA franchise Oklahoma City Thunder have had great attendance since they got there.

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