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3 ways the XFL could improve its lifespan

The XFL has seen very fluctuating attendance and TV ratings since the start of the league in February but the highs have been very high. Unfortunately, the lows have been low as well. There are ways to fix it, though.

First of all, a lot of media outlets have reported and highlighted that TV ratings continue to drop from week to week but part of this is because the week one ratings were so high due to the fact the shiny new car feeling of the XFL was still fresh in people’s minds. The league drew a grand total of 15.7 million viewers in week one but are still averaging 1.3 million viewers each game which is on par with other major sports that are on at the same time.

St.Louis has been at the centerpiece for the XFL so far, having the best attendance numbers on record and some of the highest TV ratings around and the Battlehawks have even beaten out the Blues several times already when talking about TV ratings but the league is going to need more cities like St.Louis if it wants to last.

Move some teams around

Los Angeles is not a football town. I could go on and on about this one but it is pretty evident so hopefully you catch the drift already. The Wildcats attendance has been horrid compared to the rest of the league and Los Angeles is not supporting. In fact, New York, Tampa Bay, Dallas, and maybe even Houston all could use different cities. Why did the league choose so many cities that already have an NFL market and some with a failing NFL market at that? You want buzz? You want Attendance? Move a team to San Diego. Move a team to Oakland. Move a team to Oklahoma City. Even San Antonio and Syracuse could use a team. I understand why the big cities were chosen. The league had to do it to be awarded those big market TV deals but you could still have teams in Syracuse, Oakland, etc. and still be in the vicinity of those big markets and draw big crowds of football-hungry towns at the same time. If you put a team in a city that cares it will work as long as you want it to. It’s simple.

Sign some interesting names

When a league like the XFL emerges, the franchise is going to have to think about who is going to draw more ratings rather than who might win more games at times. For example, more people in Columbus, Ohio tuned in to watch the Defenders than people in Washington. Why? Ohio State’s Cardale Jones. Battlehawks; maybe think about bringing in more former Mizzou guys. A great move would be Tim Tebow to the Tampa Bay Vipers. He just got cut by the Mets and the state of Florida loves Tebow and millions would tune in to see him play again. The league doesn’t have to go all out on washed up players with street cred to help their image but they definitely could use some star power.

Consider moving the season

I personally don’t have a problem with when the season takes place but some people may. The season starts right after the NFL season and because of this the XFL hasn’t gotten as much attention because some people just get football fatigue. On top of that, the league lines up with the same timeline as March Madness which is one of the biggest sporting events of the year and surely that is going to take away some eyes. Maybe moving the season after college basketball in April or during the early summer would be better.

The XFL is by no means failing but it could be better. Some people criticize it because it isn’t as good as the NFL but that’s to be expected so the complaining doesn’t really make any sense. For the product to grow it will need fan support and people who tune out after a while because they don’t think it is good aren’t seeing the bigger picture. The NFL needs a developmental league and the XFL could be that. The rule changes have also been a positive about the league that has already caught the attention of NFL executives. Players on XFL rosters are already being scouted and the XFL could become a new pipeline of revived NFL careers. Games are something fun to do while you’re in the town of a small market which is what the XFL should embrace, similar to the MLS. The XFL has the financial backing, the dedication, the experience, and all the tools necessary to become a great league. It just needs a little love.

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