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12 questions for 12: An interview with Brady Cook

Updated: Jan 21

I recently had the privilege of catching up with Missouri quarterback commit Brady Cook

Question 1: What is one thing you want all Mizzou fans to know about you?

Answer: I want all Mizzou fans to know that no matter the situation or adversity I will ac in the future, I'm going to put my team and Mizzou nation first. They will always have my 100% effort.

Question 2: What about being a quarterback at Mizzou was most attractive to you?

Answer: I grew up watching Chase Daniel, Blaine Gabbert, James Franklin, and of course Drew (Lock). I've always been a huge fan & it was always my goal to be one of them one day. Now, that dream has turned into a real opportunity for me.

Question 3: As you know Mizzou has recently upgraded some of their facilities with the endzone project, as a recruit, are the new facilities appealing to you and your fellow recruits?

Answer: Absolutely. That's huge for the Class of 2020 no doubt. It's really like our new home. Most of our time will be spent there, so it's refreshing to know it will be one of the best in the country.

Question 4: Not only were you recently named all MCC QB but you were also named all MCC punter, how did you end up playing both positions?

Answer: Well it's always been like that for me. Since I was in second grade, kicking was always a part of the game for me. I just think it's fun to be able to show my leg in games and surprise people.

Question 5: Do you have any aspirations of kicking at the next level?

Answer: My focus is 100% at quarterback, but if they need me to use my foot I have no problem with it!

Question 6: What is your relationship with the current coaching staff?

Answer: It's great, I talk with coach Odom, Dooley & ACS every other day. They've been great supporters with my final high school season % I can't wait to get up there this May. The cool thing has been how much I've gotten to know the coaching staff over the past year and a half since I've been committed. I think that has made the difference.

Question 7: Is it fun trying to convince your fellow big time recruits to come to Mizzou?

Answer: I would say it's fun & stressful at the same time. We've got a good group together, & Jay Maclin has helped me put this class together nicely.

Question 8: What current or former Mizzou player do you look up to most?

Answer: It's definitely Drew Lock. He's made the biggest impact on my physical game & I've watched him develop at Mizzou for the past four years. Seeing him be successful played into my decision to be a Tiger.

Question 9: Mizzou has recruited some pretty good receivers as of late, do you know them yet and how excited are you to get on the field with them?

Answer: Absolutely. Last years class brought in some local talent in CJ Boone & Maurice Massey & I have played with them for a couple years on 7v7 That'll be fun to reunite with them in a couple of months. In our class I can't wait to work with JJ Hester & of course Jay (Maclin) who I've known and played with for a while

Question 10: What QB would you say your game is closest to?

Answer: I strive to have the mindset & throwing ability of Tom Brady but I feel like my legs and speed make me different from him on the field. I study Brady & of course Drew (Lock) a lot.

Question 11: At what point did you realize Mizzou was the school for you?

I knew it a long time ago. When I was a freshman, I was already set on being a tiger. The offer was a dream come true and ultimately I decided to commit early.

Question 12: Are you ready to go kick some ass?

Answer: YES SIR!

My takeaway from this interview is that from day one Cook is going to be a locker room leader and a selfless player that will be doing everything in his power to win.


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